There are many things we can say about the high quality of service we provide to our home sellers and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of our recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. We hope they indicate our experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much we enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.

We would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.

 "Scott and giusy are the consummate residential real estate professionals-experienced and knowledgeable in the field and the local markets, and respected by their peers and others with whom they interact. They know their client and are always looking out for his/her best interests, are proactive, responsive and action oriented. I recommend them highly."

Sandra E., Pasadena

 "Scott and Giusy Brown provide the most professional and comfortable environment to conduct a business transaction. They are very knowledgeable and strive to impart all aspects of any situation in an honest manner. They both feel a personal commitment to the client and understand the psychological and financial ramifications that someone can experience.

Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations."

Brett, Pasadena

 "I'm a single woman without relatives for emotional or physical support. When I started hunting for a home to buy at the peak of the market, my lender said I didn't qualify for a whole lot. I felt extremely anxious throughout my long 8 month search. Trying to find a location and property I could tolerate in my price range was no easy job. Every week the inventory evaporated before my eyes.

But I did have the brilliant support of Scott and Giusy Brown, who (I had plenty of time to observe) were guided by the very highest of personal and professional ethics and practices. Working with them enabled me to become extremely confident that with their guidance and abilities my choices and decisions were wise and would be fully realized on a timely basis to the letter of the law. Having my alliance with the Browns powerfully increases my ability to build my net worth and achieve my personal goals of security and self-realization. I've conducted three real estate transactions with Scott and Giusy: first purchasing a condominium, which I improved and sold at the very height of the market. Currently I'm enjoying my second, better situated property with a view and a rental. While not in any hurry to sell, I am constantly grooming my property with the objective of one day reaping its maximum resale potential and benefit from Scott and Giusy's expertise by occasionally seeking their professional insight prior to investing in a property project.

To understand and define what is necessary in order to thrive and prosper can be the task of a lifetime, but the real challenge is to find it. I count myself remarkably fortunate to work with Scott and Giusy Brown."

Christi, Pasadena

 "I have personally known Scott and Giusy Brown for years. They are both people with a high amount of integrity which I greatly appreciate and respect. Not only do they provide a valuable and professional service but they are friendly, patient and honest. When making a decision to buy or sell a house you want to feel confident that you will have the right team to support and guide you along the way without feeling pressured. I would highly reccommend Scott and Giusy to anyone looking to fulfill thier real estate dreams.

To understand and define what is necessary in order to thrive and prosper can be the task of a lifetime, but the real challenge is to find it. I count myself remarkably fortunate to work with Scott and Giusy Brown."

Michelle D
., Pasadena

I was referred to Scott and Giusy Brown by a really good friend, so I knew I was in good hands. I was still pleasantly surprised by their professionalism, knowledge and attention to details. I have completed 2 transactions with them and have referred several friends who were looking to either buy or sell. They make a wonderful team.

Karen B.

Scott & Giusy were terrific to work with, they listen to our wants and needs and guided us on the purchase of the perfect home! They also were awesome in the selling of two properties, making suggestions that increased the price and decreased the time on the market. Thank you both for your wisdom and caring.

Betty B.

Scott and Giusy are the best realtors! They helped me get my place. They are very active in the Pasadena community and are just really great people – I know them personally and they are very patient and go the extra mile to explain the process with you.

Lucy N.

 We are Happy you are enjoying the gift card. Heaven knows, you provided us with the best service possible under a less than ideal set of circumstance.   We couldln't has asked for a better broker.  I informed the probate attorney of the same.  Hope 2016 will be a great year for you and Scott.

Norm and Richard